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Opening account

How to create an account on PassiveCash?
To register, press «CREATE ACCOUNT» and fill in all the required fields. After filling in all the data, you will receive a message for email address confirmation.
I cannot remember the password from the personal account. What should I do?
To restore access to the personal account, use *password recovery* from.
How many accounts can I register?
Every user can register only one account on the PassiveCash site.

Main questions

Who can become a PassiveCash partner?
Any person of age can become our partner.
Which payment systems can I use to deposit funds?
The following payment systems are available: Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin-Cash, Litecoin, PerfectMoney.
What are the minimum and maximum deposits?
Minimum investment amount – $3. Maximum investment amount – $25,000. PerfectMoney - $3, Bitcoin-Cash - $10, Litecoin - $10, Etherium - $20, Bitcoin – $15.
What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?
Minimum withdrawal amount: PerfectMoney - $1, Bitcoin-Cash - $5, Litecoin - $5, Etherium - $20, Bitcoin – $15.
How can I deposit my credit?
The following payment systems are available: Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin-Cash, Litecoin, PerfectMoney.
What time does it take to charge money to my balance after the transfer?
Money is charged to your account instantly. When topping-up the account with cryptocurrency, the funds are charged after Blockchain confirmation.
What do I have to do to activate my investment?
Please click on Deposit Money in the "DEPOSIT WALLET". Please enter a sum and select a payment system, then please transfer the money. IMPORTANT! Please transfer the amount that is displayed and no more. We will only get the amount shown. After the money has arrived in the "DEPOSIT WALLET" please click on "ACTIVATE" then please enter the amount and click on activate. You have to enter an integer, e.g .: 3, 5 or 20. Not 3.22 or 8.50. Always enter an integer.
How many deposits can I activate?
We don’t restrict our partners – you can activate any amount of deposits in your account.
How often the deposit interest is accrued?
Interest is charged to your balance every 60 minutes starting with the moment of deposit activation.
How much will I make?
Each deposit you make will bring you 0.20% every 60 minutes.
For how long will I get profit?
Each deposit brings you profit for 720 hours (30 days). After 720 hours (30 days), your deposit will close and won’t bring you profit anymore. You can make additional deposits at any time, and each of them will bring you profit.
What should I do to withdraw money?
Press "WITHDRAW" in the "Account Balance", enter the amount, select the payment system, enter the wallet address and press "Pay". You will receive a message with a "WITHDRAW CODE" to the email address you provided when registering. Copy the "WITHDRAW CODE" and paste it into the field. Then press "Confirm".
When can I apply for a withdrawal?
You can request a withdrawal from your account at any time.
How long does it take to withdraw money?
The withdraw success is immediate and fully automatic.
Is there a fee for money withdrawal?
PassiveCash doesn’t charge any fee for money withdrawal from its partners. You only pay the fee from your payment system.


Is there an affiliate program?
PassiveCash rewards for each new partner.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we prepared a generous affiliate program for you: 10% from the first level, 2% from the second level. Please note, you will receive profit from partner only if they visited our site using your referral link, registered, and opened a deposit through account top-up.
Is it required to have an active deposit to participate in the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is a great opportunity for every investor who wants to receive extra profit. Therewith, you don’t have to have an active deposit.
Do I have to attract new partners?
No, you don’t. PassiveCash affiliate program was created to allow our partners to get even bigger income from cooperation with us.
Why didn’t I get an affiliate bonus?
You get an affiliate bonus only if your participant tops-up balance and activated a deposit. If the participant activates a deposit using earned affiliate bonus or daily accrual, the affiliate bonus isn’t credited.


Can information about our cooperation and the amount of my profit fall into the hands of third parties?
This is out of the question. PassiveCash main rule is a strict privacy policy. The entire information of your transactions and personal data are securely protected.
Will hackers be able to withdraw money from my account, if it will be hacked?
No, it is impossible. Each time a participant is sent the "withdraw code" to the email specified during registration. To withdraw money from your account, they will also need access to your email address.
How do you provide protection of the personal data, accounts, as well as prevent hacker attacks?
PassiveCash uses efficient means and tools for security provision. Powerful Anti-DDOS protection provides an uninterrupted operation of the company server. Data exchange with the server takes place in protected mode thanks to the SSL certificate, as well as through the use of specialized software.


How can I book the advertisement on the PassiveCash website?
Yes, we offer a banner inside PassiveCash. The banner is 728x90. Not all projects are accepted, however, and the price is of course higher than other platforms. This is an additional income for the PassiveCash system. The banner is displayed in the back office and in the login area. Everyone will see your banner! You can book the banner for 5 days or for 15 days. After ordering and paying you will receive a link where you can see your exact banner statistics: Impressions + clicks on your banner. We guarantee an enormous traffic. If you are interested, please write to the support team, they will send you further information.


I still have questions, who can I ask them?
PassiveCash customer support is always ready to answer your questions.